Mixed photos




  Peekaboo    Day 1 in Umag with CAC,CACIB and Best Bitch ! 
Last CACIB for International Champion title !!! 
    Ooopss, what happened from day 1 to day 2 ???!!!
My mom went into the ring with me and didn´t take my hairclips away !!! And she only laughed when she discovered it !
Do you think I was embarressed.

Well, if I don´t feel to go into the ring and my mom is trying to get me to stand in front of the judge, I start to cough. She can not touch me, then I start all over again. I have my tricks, hihi !! My twolegs mom say I am as stubborn as my mother when I put it in my mind.

Thank you Lucia for the photos !
  Folklore and beardies behind   Lovely embroidery  
  Wating for my turn to get the judge comments of Della   Here we go...  
  All classwinners in to the ring, please      
They had promised rain and thunderstorms in the afternoon, so the finals began an hour earlier. When the group finals started the storm came with heavy rain and thunder right over us. There was a pause during the worst, but then the finals continued in the pouring rain.
Della got her Croatian Champion title, was BOB and Group 2.

  Della BOB................   .................and Group 2  

A selection of this year's pictures. The highlights have been many. Nova has been showed  five times this year and has become  International Champion, Swedish Champion and BIS Veteran, got 3 CAC (CC), 2 CACIB, 1 Best Bitch, 2 x Exc2 and 1 x Exc.3 Veteranclass at EDS
got theTitle Hungarian Champion, 9 CAC, 2 CACIB, 2 R-CACIB and several  top placements  Exc1-4
got 2 CAC (CC), 2 CACIB and a very creditable 3rd place with Exc in open class in highly competitive conditions in Czech Republic

   Some mixed photos from Ceske Budojevice. Above from the CACIB-show and below from Beardie Special Show.       
  Photos from Euro Dog Show 2010 in Celje, Slovenia. To the left is one Swedish woman who got BOB with her dog.
Judge was Mr. Paul Stanton.
Mr. Paul Stanton was judging one of the groups. It was a confusing breeders group were it was only two dogs in one of the breeds !?
Oops, where is the dog ???

  27 July 2010.
Yipppiiii !!!  Another day at the beach. The dogs love it especial Simpson that can stay in the water for hours. He is jumping, trotting and swimming. When we were going up from the water, he swam out again !!
      Yipppiii !!!!!  
  Simpson checking out the other swimmers further away.   Mum and Simpson has been swimming a little bit further out in the water. The other  two have their eyes on us and calling us back.  


  Ayio    Della and Ayio   
  April 2010.Today we took a walk on  Prins Bertils path that runs between Halmstad and Tylösand. One could almost believe that is was fall, with all the dry leaves on the ground. Suddenly the dogs disappeared over the dunes. Yes, of course they were in the water and me who gave them a bath yesterday !!!      
  "Moving stones" to the left of the big stone.    Åh, how nice !   
  Where is mom ?    There you are !   


2010. What a wonderful winter we have this year, unlike last year when we only had a couple of days of snow. The dogs just love to be outside having fun.  As usual it is full speed.



  Della in full speed..............   ..and here comes Ayio with glittering snow cascade  
  Simpson and Ayio   Simpson first och behind comes Ayio  
  Whow, what a gap   Ayio  
Here we are visiting some fiends with private beach and jetty. We could hardly see the jetty becuse of all snow and the ice was a bit scary for the dogs
  Ayio and Simpson   Tony and Anci with the dogs. Mum stayed at the shore.  





2 proud owners to dogs of Hungarian breed.






I saw a new design of showtents. One fold them together to a small back-pack. More space than one would expect inside.  This was the only designs of tent we saw at the show, very popular.


Groupfinal Komarom, Hungary


The Exit from showground in Komarom where one can catch a glimpse of river Donau through the gate.




Today Ayio and Simpson had their photosession. It was not so easy becuse it was full speed from first to last minute.




Our little big boy Simpson




It is not so easy to see what breed this is o:))




Simpson need a break




My little cutie Ayio




Today I took the camera with me on the daily walk with two dogs whilst dad took the other two. It was full action and Nova proved that she still is young celebrated her 7:th birthday last week.






Here is Della "in action". Her free, floating, groundcovering movement
and lowering her head is a joy to see. Good construktion ? (Oops, brag).







Today this post-card came with a greeting from Britta (Ronja) and her new family, here on a mini-Holiday with their caravan.




Photos of Sally and Wilma from Summer 2009.






Photos taken by Annelie showing our dogs at their "summercamp"











Sally and Inger Mars-09

Wilma at the same occasion




Today we loaded the car with dogs, packed sausages and coffee in the backpack and drove off to one of our favoritespots. It was a little bit chilly in the air but the sun was shining and the dogs just loved it as usual. Three of them did their first swim of the year.






Now we did our first swim this day, more to come


Here is the fireplace where we can grill our sausages and have some coffee.




Where did you go?


Oh, there you are .




Another fireplace


Do you see us, Della wonder?






Ronja Febr-09


Simpson Febr-09






  Up to the left :  Sally and Wilma
To the right : Sally jumping over her Challenge trophy that she revieved when becoming the Winner in Obedience 2008 for Bearded Collies

Left: A Goshawk with his booty, a duck, landed on our terass. As I had the camera just beside me I manage to get a shot trough the window before he took off.


One of those few days we had some snow-09







How cosy to be embedded and lay down in the sofa

Time to cuddle whilst dad is watching skiing on TV





 Ronja has occupied Ayios favoriteplace.

Ayio and Simpson  having fun at the sundeck. Hmm... does´t my face look funny :o))





What´s happening ?

We had some snow that sadly disappeared after one day



A lovely, sunny day in October









All dogs who got Exc. 1 are in the ring for BOB.  Winning BOB was a veteran bitch .



  Mixed photos from Luxemburg and Leipzig x 2 (National and International).  BOB Luxemburg Sunpoint Cooper ;   BOB Leipzig National  Now and Then Macy´s by Bloomingdales (photo from finalring below);  Leipzig International  Honeytaste Super Star (below to right)  











This is my den, I love it


 And here is my pool behind me. Sometimes I let the other dogs use it. It´s a small one so we can only be one at the time in it .






Nessie came to visit and was examened by the other dogs.
Hmm... she looks funny, are you sure she is a beardie ? Her coat is as thick as the thickiest Chinese carpet. She is so sweet


Wonder what Ayio and Nessie are talking about ? Simpson watching



  Behind "bars" at a campingsite in Öland, a big island in the Baltic Sea. The dogs had a lovely time at this place where they had their own beach and shower. There was also agility, common dogwalk and much more. In the summer they held courses in agility and obedience. 80% of the campers has dogs. It is also possible to rent campinghomes there. A lovely place for dogs.  








Nessie and Sara at a paddletour.






    5 lovely pretty beardies in the window looking out.





2008.04.24  Puppy-meeting and X-Ray of Novas first litter. Nessie had already been at the vet and got a scarf with hood so she wasn´t
X-rayed today. Despite that she came and spent some time with her siblings. We took a long walk in the woods and had a cup of coffee
while the dogs were running around.













2008.04.10  Another day at the beach, same beach without snow this time. The first dips in the sea for this season was very tempting. Here we can see Ayio, Della, Nova, Sally and little Wilma in action.






2008.03.25  A lovely day by the sea when winter seems to have arrived, finally.



2008.03.24  Today Nessie and her family visited us. Nessie has grown up to a real beauty and it was so nice to see her again.


01.01 2008.              First grooming, then Sally with enchantment jumps into her favoritcreek !?  After that she takes off into the woods to have fun with her friends.




A lovely photo of Nessie with her friend Bolla. At this time Nessie is only a few month old and never seen a cow before.




This was a difficult cross-word

Where did they go  ?

Me and mom in the ring





Oh, my own beach

       Shall I go for a swim ??

         No, not today


First evening at my new home

I´m picking blueberries in my own way

I better hide becuse we are going home and I want some more blueberrys