We don't have any puppies planned

We have a small breeding of Bearded Collie. For breeding we use only typical, highly qualified breeding dogs with good mentality. Puppies occasionally planned when we want to keep a puppy ourselves. I put a lot of work in to find the right male for my bitches, to get the best possible outcom. Only the best is good enough.
All puppies are sold according to the Rules of Swedish Kennelklubb for breeders with a full Pedigree, veterinary checked according to a puppy status checklist from SKK, vaccinated, dewormed and socialized. Puppies will be Hereditary  DNA-CEA/CH CLEAR  and parents Hips X-rayed free (A or B)

Are you looking for a happy, positive, working or family dog ​​then Bearded Collie is  the right breed for you. Bearded Collies has put their pawprints in Showrings, Agility, Obedience, Rally Obedience, Herding, Track and Search. It is a real All-Round Dog.

To read more about the breed, visit the breed club website or
Beardies needs grooming, but there's nothing more wonderful looking than a well-groomed Bearded Collie with its gorgeous coat.