Breaker Champus Delight
black bitch

International Champion C.I.B 
Junior Champion
Danish Champion
Hungarian Champion
Croatian Champion
VDH Champion 
German Champion

Swedish Champion  
Slovenian Champion
GK VA  (HIC) Approved Herding Instinct Test

Best Junior in Show at World Championship Show  for Bearded Collies-08

Qualified to CRUFTS as Junior

BOB, BOS and Group placements

Born: 2007-07-21
HD A/B  ED : Free  
 COI: 0,15%  5 generations

Della is from Nova´s first litter and was the only black puppy. She is a lovely girl with a sweet character and great movements.  Just to look into her wise eyes makes me soft.   She is a little food thief and quick as a weasel. Luck she is out running in the woods every day.

In showrings she has put her pawprints with excellent critics from the judges. Della recieved CAC (CC) from Judges from Germany, Hungary, Portugal, Slovenia, Slovaki, Austria, Italy, Finland , Norway, Serbia, Romania, Croatia and Argentina. Talk about International judging !!   A Big Thank You to all judges that have recognized and appreciated her during her showcareer !!!  At the age of 5½ year she has retired from showrings and will enjoy her otium. We are hoping for puppies after her 2013.

Some of her Judges Comments at different ages:
Her first assessment (4 months): Feminine bitch of excellent type. Feminine head and expression, well angulated, excellent chest. Excellent movement from the side, moves well for her age. Turns out nice, very promising.

On her 6-monthday Della became BOB at Halland Kennel Club's annual exhibition. She got a fantastic criticism from the judge: Very nice head,  excellent pigmentation, pleasing neck and topline, very good croup, deep chest good, excellent legs and angles, flowing movements.

At 11 months of age, she took her first CC under judge Leif-Herman Wilberg
Judge's critique: Excellent type. Very well balanced. Excellent head, neck and topline. Excellent proportions. Well angulated and good body. Excellent croup and hocks. Moves excellent from all sides. Good coat for age.

Open class : Very nice elegant beautiful young female. Excellent head, beautiful topline, very nice standing and moving parallell easy. Excellent showcondition, good bone. Friendly temperament, beautiful coat,  a little light eye, good tailset and carriage.  Excellent presented.

Dellas brag wall  8 Championate and 1 JCH
Father is our own beautiful boy Brisse, Breaker Go For It
After some drama  Dellas puppy was born by cesarean because the puppy had low heart rate. Everything went well and now he is a wonderful little fellow. Della is so attentive and takes care of him in every way. This guy is going to come out in  showrings and I hope to he will be as successful as his mother

Beardcaper´s Night Vision BOB.
Della on her move towards her VDH/GERMAN CHAMPION  titles!


  INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION in Umag the week after

Della BOG2 in pouring rain.



  Della at the National Show in Leipzig winning J-CAC (CC) and then became BEST JUNIOR   Della at the show  for Brittish Herdingdogs in Brandenburg winning her 3:rd german J-CAC (CC) and got her Dt. JUNIOR CHAMPION title  




Tullinge World Championship Show for Bearded Collies 2008
.  This day started out in a very bad way when we overslept, even though we had gone to bed early the night before. Quick shower, no breakfast, no meds, no tent was up, no chair to sit on asf.  I came to the showground 15 min. before the show was to begin.  Guess if I was stressed. Since I had gone trough Della the evening before , she just needed to be brushed. When the judge said number one and pointed at me I didn´t got it. She had to point at the number before I realized that we won the class. During the whole day it continued, something happened all the time.   At the end of the day my head felt like a mindless rock, my legs felt as I had been running marathon.  And THEN I felt like I was floating on the waves of applause and cheerings when in the ring for Juniorfinale. We WON !  What an ending of this  showday  !!  


Judges comments from Borås 2008.06.28 : Very nice elegant beautiful young female. Excellent head, beautiful topline, very nice standing and moving parallell easy. Excellent showcondition, good bone. Friendly temperament, beautiful coat,  a little light eye (!!??) good tailset and carriage.  Excellent presented.


Photo: G.Jansson
Vänersborg 080607 
Just look at her "smile" !


Foto A. Dahl
 In Hilleröd May 2008 Della  won Juniorclasses and got her ticket to Cruft´s 2009


Della at our backyard April 2008


Photo I. Dahl

Della, my little lovely bitch, took her first CAC and BOB at her 11-month birthday in Naestved, Denmark. Judge comments; Excellent breedtype. Very balanced. Excellent head, neck and top-line. Excellent proportions. Wellangled och well-bodied. Excellent croup and hooks. Moves excellent from all sides. Good coat for age.


Dellas début at a CACIB-show (10 month) : Nice type of bitch,  good dark eyes,  excellent pigment,  good bone and feet,  good body, sound rear,  good mover, needs more time, being a little bit apprehensive. 


Her first critics (4month):  Feminine female puppy of excellent type. Fem. head and expression, excellent angulation, excellent chest. Excellent movements from side, moves well for her age. Showing up nicely, very promising.

Sallys critics :
Feminin female puppy of excellent type, excellent head and expression. Correct bite, well angled, excellent movements. Showing herself very nicely, very promising.


On her 6 month birthday Della took her first BIR at the annual show in Halmstad. She got a lovely comments from the judge : Very beautiful head with excellent pigmentation, pleasant neck and topline, excellent croup, deep ribcage, excellent legs and angulation, floating movements.  What more can one wish ?
Sally went 2:nd best puppy with HP and Nessie on 3:rd place.


Della 14 weeks

 Sally looking at her nice collection



Della on our boats sundeck -07
During our towns annual Marinefestival, with estimated 100.000 visitors during 4 days, she was totally uneffected of the crowd that passed by our boat. She was just lying completely cool watching the people.To relaxe seems to be no problem for her independent of what is happening around her, even when it´s thunder

  Della and Nova with Sally (Chosie) and her new family  during the Marinefestival. Here they are in front of our boat.