So this year is soon over and it is time to sum up this year of exhibitions. Other activities have only been a few, but we are happy with all the results.
  Once again we can look back on a successful year for Brisse and Snäckan.  
  A  HUGE THANK YOU to all wonderful judges who appreciated my dogs and to all nice words you said about them and to me.  
  Today I recieved Snäckans Croatian champion diplom  
  !!WOW WOW WOW!!  
  2019.09.21 IDS KBHV Ballerup Danmark  
  Snäckan can now add 2 more titles DANISH CHAMPION and COPENHAGEN WINNER 2019 to her previous titles  
  2019.09.20  Today I recieved Snäckans C.I.B.  
  2019.09.13 NDS Vucovar Croatia  
  Brisse PLCH  RLDN  PLGCH Breaker Go For It GkVA, CAC and BOB  
  2019.09.14-15  IDS X2  Osijek Croatia  
  Snäckan, PLCH  C.I.B. HR CH Breaker Hidden Treazure CAC CACIB BOB.
Hereby she has fulfilled the qualifications for the title CROATIAN CHAMPION
  Brisse PLCH  RLDN  PLGCH Breaker Go For It GkVA, CAC CACIB and BOB  
  2019.08.18  Nat  Eskilstuna Sweden  
  Brisse got Exc. today. He wasn't in dogshow mood today.  
  2019.08.17 Nordic Show Norrköping, Sweden  
    PLCH  RLDN  PLGCH Breaker Go For It recieved R-CAC and turned out as 4:th Best Male  
  The judge was John Palmer and he was really nice with the dogs. It is so nice to see such judges and also show for them. One can see their understanding, gentleness and kindness for the dogs they judge.  
  Today I recieved Brisses Grand Champion Diplom by the postman  
  PLCH,  RLDN, PL GCH Breaker Go For It GkVA
I am so proud of him
  Sweet Simba with a kitten  
  Today it's a special day, Brisse celebrates his 6:th Birthday.
Happy Birthday our beloved Brisse
  2019.06.22 IDS STETTIN POLEN  
  I am so happy, something I'd never thought of came thru today. The judge was fantastic with the dogs, specially with the young ones. He was selective and thoughtful in his choice of placement of the dogs. Huge Thank You and your ring crew for a great work.
  PLCH  RLDN  Breaker Go For It  GkVA,  CAC  CACIB  BOS
Hereby Brisse can titulated himself as POLISH GRAND CHAMPION  (PLGCH)
  2019.06.16 NDS Gorzow Wlkp, Poland  
  We took a short trip to Poland and visited some shows. The first show was in Gorzow Wlkp. and was held in a big outdoor arena. The staff was very friendly and arranged for us a nice place for our RW. The weather was mixed sunny, rainy and we also had a hailstorm. I am so proud of Brisse, he had a bitch  in heat infront of him in the pre-judging ring and when we entered the main ring for groupfinal, but he was just doing fine. He finally got tired of me holding him back, so he maybe thought I'll can as well sit down, so he sat down.
Huge THANK YOU to the judge for thinking so highly of my dogs.
  PLCH RLDN Breaker Go For It GkVA (HIC)  
   CAC BOB and BOG3  
  PLCH, C.I.B.  Breaker Hidden Treazure, (waiting for FCI confirmation C.I.B)
  2019.04.27 - 2019.05.01  Zadar Croatia  
  After Maribor in Slovenia we went to Zadar in Croatia for a 5-days show. The weather was very hot, but I found a nice shady place at the camping. I had a great time meeting fb-friends, getting fine gifts and also met some new friends. Thank you Kaja for helping me with Snäckan and handling her.  
  2019.04.27 IDS   VG     Handler me  
  2019.04.28 IDS  CAC CACIB BOS     Handler Kaja Perkovic  
   2019.04 29 NDS  CAC BOB     Handler Kaja Perkovic  
  2019 IDS  R-CACIB  R-CAC     Handler Kaja Perkovic  
   2019 IDS  CAC CACIB BOS    Handler me  
  Huge THANK YOU to all judges for your nice words of Snäckan  
  2019.04 21 IDS Maribor, Slovenien  
    Year 2019's showseason started with a long showtrip for me and Snäckan. From a cold Sweden to a warm, sunny Slovenia. I was warmly welcomed by a wonderful and well organized exhibition team. Fantastic! A huge THANK YOU who made the start of my show trip so memorable! Sadly I was to tired to show the second day.
  Ch Breaker Hidden Treazure aka Snäckan BOB, CAC and CACIB
In to the Groupf inal
  Resumé of Year 2018
Even this Year we had some successes despite several cancelled shows and other competitions.

  2 x CACIB
2 x BOB
1 x BOS
2 x EXC1
1 Approved result in Rallyns Intermediate class
1 Approved result in Obedience Beginners class