2018.09 23 IDS Ballerup Denmark
Brisse, RLDN CH Breaker Go For It GkVA, exc1 Ch class
2018.09.01 SBK Oskarström Sweden
Today we competed in Obedience Beginners class and Brisse got 135 approved points.
(Old photo)
  2018.08.04 - 05 DUO CACIB  SOPOT, POLAND
2018.08.04  RLD N,  PL CH Breaker Go For It, GkVA  EXC 1, CWC  CACIB  BOS
Judge: Livja Zizevské LT
2018.08.05 RLD N PL CH Breaker Go For It, GkVA EXC1, CWC  CACIB  BOB
Judge: Jadwiga Niciewicz PL
2018.07.27 SBK Kungsbacka
Brisse took his second approved result in Rally-O continuing class
Brisse, CH, RLDN Breaker Go For It  GkVA,
celebrate his 5:th Birthday today
2018.07.06-07 Nordic and National shows, Tvååker, Swedens biggest outdoor shows
Snäckan, Breaker Hidden Treazure, got Exc 4 and CQ resp. Exc3 and CQ in Ch.class
Waiting for rally training
Our sweet beautiful Della celebrates her 11:th Birthday today. I could never dream of having such a beautiful and successful dog. She has given us so much and I´m sure she will give us more to come.
2006 - 2018
Our most beloved Ayio, CIB, HUCH, PLCH, SECH, SLCH Double Fantasy Kiaora, has left us to run free in dogs land. She left us with a big emptiness in our hearts, our sweet, kind, caring darling We miss you so much!
2018.02.04 IDS Bydgoszcz Poland
Brisse PL CH RLDN Breaker Go For It GkVA got Exc1 in Champion class a Goldmedal, but this was not his day in the ring.
2018.02.03 NDS Bydgoszcz Poland
Brisse PL CH RLDN Breaker Go For It GkVA, CWC and BOB.
This was his come-back in the rings after nearly one year. I am so happy he did so well.
2018 will also be a Year of different activities, so we will se by the end of Year what we have achieved.
Snäckan starts in full speed.
Yet another Year with 2 new Champions  5 CAC, 3 BOB, 1 BOS and 2 CACIB at 5 shows. I can not be anything else than proud and happy over my beloved dogs. In addition to shows we have benn training and competing in Rally-O and Obedience. This has resulted in Brisse having achieved one qualifying results in intermediate class in Rally-O and one approved points in Obedience Starter Class. He also recieved SBC´s Bronze plaquett in versatility, Shows, Herding and Rally-Obedience for Year 2016.