RECAP 2015
This Year brought both joy and sadness. In the beginning of the Year Della gave birth to 7 lovely puppies. Two of them live with us and brings a lot of love and fun into the house.
The sadness was that Nova left us at the age of 13 Years. Our beautiful Nova, we miss you so much!

Another Year has passed and this year the kennel got
 2 x new Championtitles, SECH SLCH
2 x BOB
2 x CAC (1 Cert 1 CWC)
6 x Best Veteran
(shared) Winning Veteran SBC
and yet another dog has passed the Herding Instinct Test

The youngest has also attended some National shows with nice results, BOB puppy

Today our very much beloved and handsome old boy Simme turns 8 years old. He has such a sweet gentle character. We love you!
Today I recieved Ayio´s, C.I.B. HUCH PLCH SECH SLCH Double Fantasy Kiaora, Slovenian Champion diplom and bow.
Once more Simba, Breaker Heck I´m Good, has been to an indoor-show and was BOB-puppy. This time the waiting for the finals was to long and he didn´t want to attend. Better to rest.
Our beloved Nova, C.I.B. SECH DKCH SLCH Beardmarked´s Named Tequila, has gone to her final rest today.
Nova introduced us to a new world, the dogshow world!
On our travels in Europe, she 
has charmed many and been photographed everywhere! I'll never forget when she got her first CAC and her first CACIB, nor when she got the last ones!
She has been a wonderful companion and has given us
so much joy over the years, nice and calm, yet firm. She loved to lie on the grooming table and be brushed, hated having tangles, sparkling of joy when she was bathed and groomed. Then she ran directly to where she knew the candy was and waited to get some.
We have so many nice, fun and hilarious memories of her, but above all we have her children and grandchildren, that she lives on in. Run free with the other up in dogs heaven and we will meet you ther our beloved girl. You will have your final rest on Earth in the bushes at the bird bath, where you often went and laid down.
Hallands County Kennel Clubs Annual open show all breeds.
Simba, Breaker Heck I´m Good, has attended his first indoor show. He did so well and was BOB puppy 6-9  month with HP. He was alone in his class, but when it was groupfinal there were many puppies. He ended up as BIG3 and I am so proud of him! He continues his good records so far!
Since the Autumn last year I have attended a course in Anatomy and assessment technique (judging). The course consisted of 4 modules each of 2 days from 09-17. We were teached by two of Swedens most experienced judges, mrs Ann-Christin Johansson and the nestor himself Nils Molin. This week-end we had our last lessons and the course is now finished. It has been a very educational course where we have examined 16 breeds, given written comments to each dogs and placed them breed by breed. We had 2 breeds every day, one in morning and one in the afternoon. It has been a real joy to learn a little about the breeds and their anatomic characteristics.
Today Snäckan, Breaker Hidden Treazure, finished her puppy class at our lokal working dog club SBK, that is affiliated with The Swedish Kennel Klubb, SKK.
Gotland Dog Show International and National
We have been on the road for 10 days attending 3 shows during 2 week-ends. The first week-end we went to a doubleshow on Gotland, an island outside the eastcoast.
Ayio was BOB Veteran with CK both days, Simba BOB Puppy with HP on Saturday. We didn´t stop for the finals.
After Gotland we drove straight to the next island on the south eastcoast, Öland, for the next show.
Ayio got Exc2 and Simba once again was BOB puppy with HP. He is a lovely male with everything in place, long ribcage, excellent forechest, good stride and he is parallell in his movements back and front. It will be so exciting to see and follow his future in the rings. He has got very nice comments from the judges on all shows he has attended and I am so pleased with him.
Backamo, Ljungskile. Sweden. National show
Sweet Ayio, C.I.B. PLCH HUCH Double Fantasy Kiaora, was BOB Veteran, 2:nd Best Bitch with CAC and got her title SWEDISH CHAMPION at the age of 9 years! I am so proud of her, still going strong! Judge today was Mrs. A-C. Edoff.  Now I can apply for Ayio´s Slovenian Champion title as well!
Thanks Geron for this photo!
Congratulations my lovely Grand Old Lady Nova on your 13:th Birthday today
Brisse, Breaker Go For It, passed his Herding Instinct Test and can put GkVA (HIC) after his name.
He got very nice comments from the judge! I am so proud over my boy. Simba and Wille had a look at the sheeps, but seemed to think that was som strange animals!
Koszalin Polen. National show
Brisse BOB with CWC (CAC) Open class
Today Brisse, Zappa and Malte celebrating their 2:nd Birthday! Congratulations!
Today Ayio, C.I.B HUCH PLCH Double Fantasy Kiaora, was BOB Veteran at a big National show in Tvååker, Sweden. It was a nice day, nice weather, good wellknownjudge who use to judge our breed, Benny Blid von Schvedvin, and lots of friends to meet up with.
After the show I went to visit Fighter, Breaker Fighting Spirit, in his new home. He is a replica of his grandmother Nova both in apperiance and temperament. It was so nice to see that he has settled in well with his new family and his buddy Zowie, another beardie.
Brisse, Simba, Snäckan and I went to an open clubshow all breeds at Tollarp, Sweden. Judging was three judges use to judge at International shows.
Brisse was BOB and Best of Group1!
Simba Best Puppy
Judge was highly respected Liz-Beth Liljeqvist both times. A big Thank you for appreciating my dogs! I am so happy, becuse all three dogs are my breeding! Especially she liked the long ribcages on all of them.

Judges comments of Brisse, Breaker Go For It: Excellent proportions both body and head, excellent bite. Suitable bone construction, well angled, long nice ribcage, strong back. Moves well. Coat in progress. BOB and BOG 1

Judges comments of Simba, Breaker Heck I´m Good:  Promising head, Excellent bite. Excellent bone construction, well angled. Long nice ribcage. Strong back. Moves with nice step. Promising coat. BOB Puppy

Judges comments of Snäckan, Breaker Hidden Treazure: Head in development. Excellent eyes and bite, suitable bone construction, well angled. Long nice ribcage. Strong back. Moves very well for age. Promising coat.

Brisse BOB Brisse BOG1
Simba in the ring BOB Puppy Simba in front of the judge
Snäckan in the ring competing for best puppy bitch. Snäckan in front of the judge. She was placed 2:nd with HP
Yesterday I went to visit Saga ( B´s Hit´n Win) who lives in a town 130 km from us. She was so happy to see me again and I got kisses all over the face. She is alert and happy and are busy to discover everything in the garden.
Some pics of Brisse and his 2 offsprings that stays with us.
Snäckan Simba
Brisse and I at tracking course
Coffee break
The puppies have been on their first show. It was a small clubshow in Höganäs. We got there the evening before and it was a really bad weather with wind and rain. Show day offered sunshine but oh, the wind.
I had no expectations when the pups were only 4 months and 4 days, thought they would not behave themselves. It turned out that I was wrong, they behaved very well in the ring. They got nice comments from the judge Jens Myrman, who is rigourus, and Simba went BOB puppy. He and Snäckan was the youngest of the pups! They really made my day! No placement in the final ring, but so what. Mum is equally proud anyway!

Judge comments for Simba: 4 month. Appealing entirety, promising proportions. Promising head with good proportions. Bite under ? (change of teeth). Lovely neck, topline, croup and rear. excellent body for his age. Moves plucky, stable and balanced for age. BOB puppy

Judge comments for Snäckan: 4 month. Appealing entirety. Excellent proportions. Feminin well shaped head. Nice expression. Adequate body for her age. Fine bone structure. Cheerful movements around.

Last time at puppy class. We have been a happy bunch who have turned up at the course. All have made great progress and have learned a lot. In the picture is not all the participants. Without a dog is our instructors Anki who always had an encouraging word to us.
Simba has check on mum Slalom all puppies off leash
Meeting off leash Meeting off leash
Meeting. The smaller dog is behind Simba Simba with his playmate Bonzo
Snäckan and I at the ring and social training session yesterday.
Lucie moves to her new home in Spain. Here with her new family.
Brisse and I on ring-and social training session.
Headphotos of the puppies. Lucie, Snäckan and below Simba
Wille celebrating Norway's National Day. Daddy's from Norway.
Wille watching when the cows are turned out to pasture for the first time in the year.
Last tuesday Brisse started his track course and today Simba started his puppyclass. Good boys!
Got some nice photos from Saga living in Mölndal, Sweden. She loves the vetbed and the rabbit she had with her to her new home. She puts the rabbit in the bed and is herself on the floor. Like many other beardiesar she also loves sticks.
We got news and pics from Norway. Happy got her name changed to Pippi, since she is swedish and have white stockings! I love it! I think it suits her since she is very alert and love everbody. She is busy making fuzz and to hide in the woods.  Here she is surroundet by anemons.
Today, Lucy, Breaker's High Affinity and Winnie, Breaker's Hit'n Win, have been out on the walk to the green area near where we live. As usual, there is much to smell and many sticks to play with. Little Winnie is sold.
Lucy, our little spanish lady
Winnie, our little cuddly girl
Now I have received news of all puppy buyers and relocation of the puppies have gone well. Everyone is very happy with her puppies, saying that they are so  confident in themselves and trusting. They are a true joy for their new families. It warms my heart to hear.
I got some photos and I am very pleased to recieve them! Thank you for sending them!

Wille, Home Run
Happy, Happy Go Lucky
Today we congratulate the new Veterans
DtJCH, C.I.B. DKCH, HUCH, HRCH, SLCH, SECH, DECH, VDHCH Breaker Champus Delight GkVA
C.I.B. SECH, DKCH DKV-11, LP1, LP2, RLDN, RLDF, RLDA Breaker Choice For Victory
Breaker Check Me Out
A week ago, Zaga, B's Hipp´n Happy, moved and last Saturday Wille, B's Home Run, moved to their new families. It is noticeable that some have disappeared from the pack. Zaga has settled in well at her new home without any problem. As for Wille I will get him a few more days to settle in ,before calling them.

Left is B's Hit'n Win looking for a new family. She loves to cuddle and comes happily up to us in the TV couch to sleep. She has a good bone construction and moves well.
One week ago Happy Go Lucky moved to her new family in Norway. She was so curious of everything that happened att Kastrup Airport. She sat down and looked around her, lots of people and bagage carriers. Then she laid down and fell asleep!!
Once at the home of her new family she greeted undoubtedly her new family members.
She has adjust fine and they are incredibly excited for her. She is confident in herself and is happy for everyone she meets. They have a cat that she would like to play with, but it's a little suspicious of her so far and goes away. I'm glad I put so much time on the puppies, so they get a basic confidence.
The weeks just running away and we have our hands full. We have had puppy visitors and been busy with the puppies. They are alert and very curious about everything. The best thing they know is to run around outside. Keeping track of all seven required four eyes when they are out. To run away out of sight is very popular. Posing in front of the camera, however, is not so popular, so it will be most outdoor pictures of the little ones.
The big dogs begin more and more to accept that the little squabble with them. Most often they stand opposite each other and barks. 
Yesterday was Mickéla here for a visit and had the camera with her. She was cuddling with the puppies and took many fine pictures of them. 
 1 sweet girl available for the right home, Hit´n Win 
Today the puppies are 4 weeks old. Photos at puppies page.
Out in the kitchen for a few hours.
Where are we? Not to worry, mom is here.
Today the puppies are 3 weeks. They are all up on their paws running around, playing with their toys. They have also tested to eat some minced puppyfood. It will be a photosession later today.
Today the puppies are 2 weeks old. Some of them has opened their eyes, crawling on each other, trying to take a few steps and also crawling out of the puppy box. 2-weeks photos will be at Puppy page tomorrow
Today Dellas puppies are born. 2 dogs and 5 bitches all black, all with perfectly white markings. I am so happy! More puppy photos  here
Today Della got her last shot of herpesvaccine before whelping.
There is a new link on Puppies page, Della´s diary. There you can follow the progress of her pregnancy.
ella had ultrasoud and it´s confirming that she is carrying puppies. Estimated whelping 15/2.
It has been my dream since Brisse was born to do this combination of my 2 lines! Im am very much looking forward to see what is coming out of this unique combination. It will be our 3:d generation living at the kennel, since we have the grandmothers in both lines. We know their different characteristics.
Resumé of Year 2014
It was a Year of ups and downs, but mostly ups!
It was also a Year with not so many shows for us. Despite that wee had some nice results.
Except that the kennel got a new Championtitle, the big news is that Della is mated. Hopefully we will have puppies in mid February.
Ayio, CIB HUCH PLCH Double Fantasy Kiaora, gained her Polish Championtitle, recieved 2 polish CWC, together with Brisse she went 4 Best in Show, BOB 2 times, Best Veteran 2 times, 2 Reserv-Cert, 2 times placed 3:rd Best Bitch. On top of that she was placed number 7 Best Veteran on TOP 10-list in Sweden. Love my girl who is still going strong as Veteran

Brisse, Breaker Go For It, was Best Puppy twice, one at a Specialty , gained 1 Junior CWC , 4 times placed as Best Junior and 1 time BOS, placed 4:th Best dog and Best in Show4 in parclass together with his mom. He was also qualified for Crufts at a show in Denmark. Brisse is mated with Della!