What happened Year 2014

It was ups and downs, but mostly ups! This was also a Year we didn´t attend so many shows. Despite that I am very pleased with the outcom. Besides shows the biggest news is that Della has been mated with Brisse and expecting puppies mid February.

Ayio, CIB HUCH PLCH Double Fantasy Kiaora, gained 
One new Championtitle PL CH
2 x BOB,
2 x CWC,
2 x Best Veteran,
Best in Show Parclass with her son Brisse,
2 x 3:rd Best Bitch
2 x R-Cert
TOP 7  Best Veteran at shows (Males and Bitches)
I am so proud of my sweet girl!

Brisse, Breaker Go For It, went
2 x Best Puppy,
1 x Junior CWC,
4 x Best Junior male,
1 x BOS
4:th Best
Male all classes with Crufts qualification and
BIS Parclass
with his mother Ayio.
He also was placed several x 2:nd Best in Junior class.
He is a happy, sweet and gentle male who love to play with other dogs.
Breaker Dedicated To You  GkVA
Hip Hip Hooray! Our nice, cozy, sweet boy turns 7 years today
Della mated
Today I went to the veterinary for a health check of Della before mating. She is sound and healthy!
Della has come into season and we are planning to mate her. This is our dreamteam. You can read more under Puppies.
Brisse testing some agility
Hallands County Kennel Klub´s Yearly Show All breeds
Brisse got Exc1 in Junior class and was 2:nd Best Male.
He was so good in the ring, despite my plaster on left hand for a broken finger. Today he wagged his tail at the judge and it was fun in the ring, so he is back to his usual me. Outside of the ring, well that´s another story! A more playful, happy dog is hard to find. He amused a lot of people around us. I am so happy to have this adorable dog.
North Scania Kennel Klub All breed County Show
Brisse, Breaker Go For It, BIG 3 all breeds and classes, except puppies! Today he was so good in the rings, hopefully he is out of the "spooky" age!
Rostock International Show
We went to Germany with some friends for show. It was so nice to meet some german friends there. Brisse was more interested of what happened around the ring same as at earlier shows.
 Brisse Exc2 with R-CAC
A summary of our show weekend in Gotland 2014.08. 30-31 National and International.
We had great weather, met both old camper friends and nice beardies owners. For the dogs, it was both this and that. Brisse has come in "spooky age" and did not want to be judged at all. To top it all, the judge had a squeaky toy with a high-pitched sound which she held in front of the dogs in the assessment. It went ok when she squeaked, but when she pressed it against his nose, it was not popular. Several dogs had the tendency to back off.

Brisse was the first in the class. I do not like to be the one who goes first in the ring. Better to be last in a class, then the judge has had time to go through and assesset all the dogs in the class first. Only then, I think the placement of the class will be fair. He was only showed on Saturday even thou he was entered on paper on Sunday too.
Ayio was shown for the first time in the Veteran class. I can not belive how fast time have passes. My  beautiful feminine girl has only gotten better with age. She did well, got Excellent with CK and ended as 3rd Best Bitch with R-CAC.
Today my very much beloved Nova celebrate her 12:th Birtday
Today I recieved the result of Brisses Hip-score, it was B = free hip joints. Now he is ready for stud and we are hoping for puppies after him at Spring next Year!

Huge Congratulations to Brisses father, CH. Alistair´s King Of The Castle, whose offsprings did so well at WDS in Helsinki, World Winner and Junior World Winner!!
So we returned home after a short vacation trip to Germany and Poland. In Poland, we were on a National show in Kozalin with Brisse. It was not a good day, when we had had a long journey to get there, not in kilometers but in hours, a terrible traffic. Brisse was distracted and did not want to be there. Despite that, he got EXC2 and I am very pleased with that. At the show we met CHAMPUS, MultiCh. Now and Then Hole-In-One, who is the father of Della, MultiCh Breaker Champus Delight. Still as handsome and successful even as a veteran. He became BIS2 Veteran and BEST IN SHOW all breeds!
On the photo below is Sylke with CHAMPUS and the little junior male who behaved in an exemplary manner in the ring and was best Junior.
Hipp Hipp Hurray for Brisse, Zappa and Malte who celebrate their 1:st Birthday today
2014.07.11  Tvååker, Sweden International show.
Zappa, Breaker Gentle Touch, at his second International show. He got Excellent and was placed 4:th in his class. Good work!
Today Dellas puppy, Breaker Fighting Spirit, is 1 year old! Congratulations sweet boy!
2014.06.29 Borås, Sweden  Bearded Collie Specialty Show
 Brisse, Breaker Go For It, Best Junior.
He was as playful as usual and rather kept track of beardies around the ring rather than focus on what the mum said. The Judge was a respected British judge Mrs. Margaret Harkin, kennel Claudalla, who has judged Bearded Collies at Crufts. Brisses father CH.Alistair´s King Of The Castle was Best Male and another of his off-springs, CH. Alistair´s Pretty Posh, was Best of Breed. So he has good genes, my little boy!

Photo: Gertie
2014.06.28 Borås, Sweden. National show
A very wet show, it rained all day and in the evening it hailed too. The night did not get better when the rain just poured down and it clattered on the roof. Not got much sleep, but the evening before was spent with good company
Brisse, Breaker Go For It, Exc2 Junior class
We spent Swedish Midsummer at dog shows in Denmark. It was probably the windiest days and nights I've experienced, our camper rocked! On the showground buckled tents and the bars hit me in the head. Incidentally, it was two nice days with nice exhibitors and humorous judges. The first day's judge thought Brisse was short in his movements in front (!), I kept him in short leash next to me, I do not know why. Wise of that I did as I usually do at the second showday, let him run freely with long leash. Then he got a different comment from the judge!

2014.06.22 Vejen, Denmark. International Show and Crufts qualificating
Brisse, Breaker Go For It, Exc.1 CQ 4:th Best male and qualified for Crufts next Year!!
Judge comments: Beautiful promising male of excellent type, well built. Didn´t seem to feel comfortable in the ring (haha, he couldn´t stay still for a longer time, he wanted to play with his mates), but he moves like a dream!
2014.06.21 Vejen, Denmark. International show
Brisse, Breaker Go For It, recieved Exc.1 today with excellent judgecomments. The short step in front I can only blame myself for, too short lead. Judge was the very respectable Dan ericsson, who have judged Bearded Collies for a long time in Sweden and Europe, also at Specialt shows in Europe
Judgecomments: Youg male of excellent type and size, lovely head and expression. Excellent bonestructure, still slighty  undeveloped in body, good angles back, rich coat with typical structure for age, nice temperament
2014.06.01 Norrköping, Sweden
Today it was Brisses, Breaker Go For It, official debut in Sweden. He was doing fine and recieved Exc.2. The judge gave him excellent comments and said he has a bright future.

Photo: Dennis Fridström
Ove, Beastly´s Clove Rock won Juniorklass and Brisse,  Breaker Go For It, was 2:nd

Foto: Ingela Sandström
2014.05.22. Today I recived Ayio´s Polish Champion Diploma by mail. Issued and sent today! I am so proud of her, she is like wine and cheese, better by age!
2014.05.18 Utska, Poland. National show
This is a show I will forget about, not becuse of the Judge comment, but that he did not examen him at all. He let his assistent do it and it was so obvious that it was already decided before entering the ring. Not a friendly place at all, the guards at the gate, my gosh!! Never more! We have been to many places in Poland and never experienced anything like this!
We got new photos of Fighter and his new playmate

Lovely days at Seaside
2014.04.21  Today Della and her sisters celebrate their 7:th Birthday. Congratulations to you all!
2014.04.13  Inowroclaw, Polen. National Show  Judge: Mrs. Malgorzata Halas
What a great week-end we had in Poland. The weather was fantastic, mostly sunny and warm, very few raindrops.
Brisse was 9 month yesterday, so the first day he entered in pyppyclass. Today he entered Junior class for the first time and got Junior CWC and the title Junior Winner. Ayio got CWC again. When going to final ring, both were very tired and was not in spirit. It was long days since we were the first in the rings at 10 o´clock both days. For the first time we also entered Couple class and went BIS4 in a strong starting field!

Brisse, Breaker Go For It, Best Junior, Youth Winner, J-CWC. .
Ayio, Double Fantasy Kiaora, Best Bitch, CWC, BOB
BEST IN SHOW no.4 in COUPLE CLASS Ayio and Brisse
2014.04.12 Grudziadz, Polen.  National Show. 
Judge Mr. Jan Gajewski
Brisse, Breaker Go For It, Best puppy 6-9 month. Very Promising
Ayio, Double Fantasy Kiaora, CWC, BOB  !! POLISH CHAMPION !!

2014.03.15 Local Clubshow all breeds Laholm, Sweden
Brisse, Breaker Go For It, 8 month, 2:n best male puppy with HP, today beaten by his litterbrother Zappa!
Zappa, Breaker Gentle Touch, BOB and BIG1 ! In the BIS-ring, not placed today. A big Congratulations from a proud breeder to an equally proud owner!

Ayio, Double Fantasy Kiaora, Exc3 Champion class
Excellent judgecomments from a breedspecialist, Mrs, Lene Jacobsen, DenmarkExcellent type, vivid confidence  temperament, masculine head with correct proportions, large dark eyes, scissor bite, well developed chest and body for his age, good depth of chest, correct body proportions, typical for the breed flowing movement, a little tight at the back.
To get this guy to stand still for a photoshot is not the easiest when other beardies is arround.

2014.02.22 Qpoolen, Nordskånska Kennel Club. Puppyshow
Brisse, Breaker Go For It, Best puppy 6-9 month and 2:nd Best male puppy all classes
Judge comment: Very nice overall, beautiful head, good neck and topline, good depth and length of the chest, enough forechest, good angles front and rear, good bone and feet, good coat, moves with fine movements from the side, slightly narrow rear, nice temperament, well presented. I am so proud of my beautiful boy!

Zappa, Breaker Gentle Touch, 2:nd best male puppy with HP
6-9 month and also very nice judge comment. Beautiful boys both of them!

Best male puppy

Zappa in front of the judge table, while we are waiting for our turn
Photos: Vanessa Fridström

As usual we start with a resumé of  last Years High-lites
       During this 10 Years the Kennel have had splendid achievements and 2013 are no exception. Again, we can boast of amazing results of the dogs living/born at the kennel.

yio, Double Fantasy Kiaora, recieved her last CAC for her Hungarian Championtitle. Besides them, she received two Slovenian CAC. In Poland, she got her last CACIB for the International Champion title, C.I.B. and was Best BitchNow all our home living females received the title of International Champions, which we are very proud of! Another at kennel born female is also an International Champion!
* Puppies were born at the kennel during the year. Both Della, MultiCh. Breaker Champus Delight and Ayio, Ch. Double Fantasy Kiaora had puppies in July. 3 of them have already been shown in the rings and received good critics.
*Della and Simme, Breaker Dedicated To You, met the sheep and they both got Approved Herding Instinct test, HIC!
* Another 2 at the kennel born dogs have continued to shine, CIB SE CH, DK CH, LPI, LPII, RLD A, GK VA Breaker Choice For Victory and RLD A, GK Tracking, GK VA Breaker Dazzling Black Beauty. They have done well in Rally Obedience, passed the RLD A and been promoted to Master class. In addition, they both met the criteria for SBC's Silver Plaque. Congratulations to Sally, Vilma and their owner Inger Leppäjoki!

Our 10th Aniversity show Year ended as is started with Nova, CIB, DKCH, SECH, SLCH Beardmarked's Named Tequila, becaming BOB Veteran at a National show in Poland! She began the decade and ended it with style!