As usual we do a resumé of achievements during the year!

    Once again we can boast with great results of the dogs living at the kennel

      1 HUNGARY CHAMPION      
1 CACIB     
7 CAC Hungary, Slovenien and Poland
2 Approved Herding Instinct Test

Ayio , Double Fantasy Kiaora , has this year completed her career against the Hungarian Champion title by taking the last CAC . She attended 3 shows and recieved  3 CAC . Besides them, she also received two Slovenian CAC ( CAC ) at two shows in Slovenia. A few months after she had given birth to three beautiful puppies , we made a trip to Poland , where she got her last CACIB for the International Champion title , C.I.B. Now all our bitches have the title  International Champion, which we are very proud of ! We did one more trip to Poland after that and then Ayio recieved her second polish CWC
In July  four puppies was born at the kennel. Three of them have already been to shows with great results and great words from the judges. They will be seen in the rings during 2014.
Della , Breaker Champus Delight, has proven that she is not only beautiful, but also that she has the instinct to herd. Now she can also add the title HIC (GK VA), since she passed Herding Instinct Test, to her CV. More might come in 2014, who knows?
Simme , Breaker Dedicated To You, has also proven to have the instinct to herd, with a HIC (GK VA). Dad´s wonderful nice guy ( mine too ) .
Another two at the kennel born Breaker bitches has continued to shown the way. They have done very well in Rally Obedience, passed the RLD A and been promoted to Master class. Congratulations to Sally, Vilma and their owner Inger Leppäjoki!
2013.1.27   Today we celebrate Simme and his siblings to their 6:th Birthday! Hipp hipp hurray !

    We got a lovely Autumn photo from Malte and his owner
2013.12.04   Zappa, Breaker Gentle Touch, has been to the photographer
2013.11.24   Moheda Clubshow all breeds
The tree brothers have been to their second clubshow. This time they got company of Nova.
All three boys got nice words from the judge and all got HP (Price of Honors = Very Promising). This time Brisse won.
Brisse, Breaker Go For It, 1:st with HP. BOB puppy
Zappa, Breaker Gentle Touch, 2:nd with HP
Malte, Breaker Grand Finale, 3:rd with HP
Nova, Beardmarked´s Named Tequila, BOB, BIG2
2013.11.21   Brisse, Breaker Go For It, got his own page
2013.11.16   Varberg, Sweden  Clubshow all breeds
Premiere of the three musketeers in the show ring. They were so good for the first time to be among so many people and dogs. They wanted to greet everyone, both twolegs and fyourlegs. I'm so proud of them! Even in the ring they behaved extremely well, even though it was the first time for both them and the owners.
Breaker´s Gentle Touch, Zappa, was best male puppy 4-6 month with HP and BOS. Dad was mighty proud over his lovely dog and so was I !
Breaker´s Go For It, Brisse, 2:nd with HP
Breaker´s Grand Finale, Malte 3:rd
    The Three Musketeers in the ring
    Malte and Brisse on the way home from their first show.
2013.11.11   Mielno, Poland
Ayio, C.I.B. HU CH Double Fantasy Kiaora, Exc.1 and CWC. Ayio now has 2 Polish CWC and we hope for her third next year. Photo below is from when she gained her last CACIB for C.I.B and her first CWC.
Nova, Beardmarked´s Named Tequila, Best Veteran in Breed
2013.10.26   Herding Instinct Test  Ekeberg Farm
Della, MultiCh Breaker Champus Delight, showed that she is not only good enough to show, she also got an approved Herding Instinct Test (HIC)! It was the first time she came in contact with the sheep and I'm very so happy ! Now she needs more training to herd sheep.

Simme, Breaker Dedicated To You
, also got approved Herding Instinct Test and get the official title GK VA (HIC) ! He has just met the sheep once before, now he also needs training. 
Photo taken 5/10 at Simme´s first meeting with sheep
2013.10.20    All Breed Yearly Clubshow  Halland County
Nova,  Beardmarked´s Named Tequila, went BIS 3
!! I am so proud over her achievment, 11 years old and still going strong
Her lovely critique from the judge: Nice feminine head, correct bite, bright beautiful eyes, good length of neck, good topline, enough depth of chest, excellent angulation front and rear, excellent movement from all sides, good stride length and inertia, good coat, nice temperament :)
2013.10.14   Ayio has begun at Rally obedience course with Jessica and they are doing really fine, both of them. Who said you can not teach old dogs to sit;)
2013.10.05   Simme and Ayio met sheep for the first time. Simme caught on right away and when two sheep jabbing away, he quickly herded them back. I'm really impressed with him!
Ayio did not care for the sheep, there was so much else to explore in the sheepfold
2013.09.28   Wroclaw. Poland
Ayio, Double Fantasy Kiaora,  CWC (CC), Best Bitch and CACIB. She can now titulate herself also as International Champion. I am so happy and proud over my sweet girl. She is our third bitch (of 3) living at our kennel that can titulate herself International Champion.
2013.09.22   Breaker Go For It, is from now on called Brisse
2013.09.16   We have decided that Pricken, Breaker Go For It,  is going to stay with us. He is a very nice and handsome fellow.
2013.09.06   Now has Zappa left us for his new loving family.
2013.08.30   Today Ayio's puppies are 7 weeks, time flies sometimes. Next weekend,  two of the puppies are leaving us for their new homes. Pricken, Breaker Go For It, is still available to the right home. He is a friendly, active fellow with drive in him, so he is looking for someone who wants to participate in activities and also want to attend show with him.
2013.08.25   Breaker Fighting Spirit, has got his own page
2013.08.21   Today my Grand Old Lady Nova, Beardmarked´s Named Tequila, celebrate her 11:th Birthday

Here is Nova with her fawn grandson Fighting Spirit
2013.07.27   The parents of Ayio´s litter. The pedigree with the best from Sweden and Europe in it, you can see on Puppies page.

2013.07.24   Now have 3 of 4 opened their eyes. Here is Zappa.
2013.07.23   Fighting Spirit 2 weeks today.
2013.07.19   Ayio´s puppies 1 week old. Photos under Puppies 1 week. New photos will follow every week.
2013.07.17   Photos of Della´s puppy under Puppies and 1 week. New photos will follow every week
2013.07.12   Ayio´s puppies are born, 3 black boys
2013.07.09   Dellas puppy is born todaywith caesarean. It is a fawn boy At the photo he 2 hours old and we just arrived home from the veterinary.
2013.06.27   Today I recieved Ayio´s Hungarian Champion Diploma.
2013.06.12   Today I have done ultrasound of Ayio, Double Fantasy Kiaora, and she is pregnant. Now I just have to wait, not the easiest 
2013.06.10   You can follow up-dates on Ayio and Della on the Blog. You will find it in the menu below.
2013.06.05   Della, Breaker Champus Delight, is pregnant. Confirmed by Ultrasound 
2013.05.14   Ayio, Double Fantasy Kiaora, is mated. Read more under Puppies.
2013.05.11   During our trip to Slovenia and Hungary our C-litter had their 6:th Birthday. Belated Happy Birthday to Nessie, Sally and Della !
2013.05.10   Wrote the colours of the dogs in the pedigrees for planned puppies
2013.05.07   Della, Breaker Champus Delight is mated. Read more under Puppies.
2013.04.28   Miskolc, Hungary. International show
AYIO, CH Double Fantasy Kiaora, Exc1, CAC, R-CACIB
2013.04.27   Miskolc, Hungary. National show
AYIO, Double Fantasy Kiaora Exc1 CAC  !!!  HUNGARIAN CHAMPION !!! A big Thank you to the honorable judge Wilmos Kardos.
In today's second show Ayio gained her Hungarian Champion title! It had now been three years since she took the first CAC towards the title. Our sweet girl with her ​​lovely temperament, always happy. Earlier in the day, I had noticed that she started to come into season, so this was perfect!
Instead of continue our trip to Croatia, where we would have our main holiday, we now had to head  home again after the next day's show.
2013.04.27   Miskolc, Hungary. International show
AYIO, Double Fantasy Kiaora, Exc1, CAC, R-CACIB
2013.04.21   Pohorje, Slovenien. International show
AYIO, Double Fantasy Kiaora, Exc.1, CAC, R-CACIB
Class winner line up for CACIB
2013.04.20   Maribor, Slovenien. International show
AYIO, Double Fantasy Kiaora, Exc1, CAC, R-CACIB
2013.03.12   Breaker Choice For Victory, Sally, has gained her LPII title. I am a very proud breeder.
2013.03.03   The dogs pages are uppdated
2013.02.24   Buchholz i.d Nordheide,  Germany  CfBrH show
Today Ayio, Double Fantasy Kiaora attended a show in Germany. She got EXC4
2013.02.15   New page, Litters
2013.02.13   It has been decided for some time with a male to Della. The male is the english handsome boy owned by Johan and Nina at kennel Alistair, SE CH, NO CH Pattishawl Just Alistair´s
2013.01.03   MY  DOG  Gothenburg  Internationell show
Ayio, Double Fantasy Kiaora, EXC1 with CK (CQ= Certificat Quality) in Open class
    As usual we do a recap of last Years results:

We can only conclude that there has been another sovereign good year for the kennel, which of course we are very proud and happy for !

 Our own Della, C.I.B. DtJCH, DKCH, HUCH, HRCH, VDHCH, DECH, SECH, SLCH  Breaker Champus Delight, has this year become German Champion, VDH Champion, Swedish Champion and Slovenian Champion! Great achievement!!

Sally, C.I.B. SECH, DKCH, DK V-11, LP1, RLD N , RLD F Breaker Choice For Victory, became Kennel Breaker's 2nd International Champion and also took the title RLD F!  She also came 4:th on list over best beardies in Rally-Obedience !!

, RLD N, RLD F Breaker Dazzling Black Beauty, received her RLD F title. Big Congratulations from a proud breeder. Owner of Sally and Wilma: Inger Leppäjoki.