For the dogs living in the kennel and dogs bred at the kennel,
have KENNEL BREAKER this year received:

5 x R-CAC
3 xBOB

    A recap of Showresults from last year :
We start with our beloved Grand Old Lady, NOVA, International Champion, Danish Champion, Swedish Champion and this year Slovenian Champion  Beardmarked's Named Tequila who by age 9 took yet another championtitle, namely the Slovenian.
NOVA is the proud mom of:
German Junior Champion, International Champion, Danish Champion, Hungarian Champion, Croatian Champion Breaker Champus Delight, DELLA,who this year became Croatian Champion and got her last CACIB for International Champion title. Besides that she was Best Bitch x several, BOS, BOB and BIG2 !
 Double Fantasy KIAORA, Ayio, our pretty import from Tjeckien, has recieved R-CAC, CAC, CACIB (her 3:rd), been placed 2 Best Bitch and  BOS.
2011.12.27    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Nova´s 2:nd litter that is 4 Years today !!!
Mother: CH. Beardmarked´s Named Tequila    Father: CH Spirit Of Caledonia David
2011.12.05   Today Della´s, Breaker Champus Delight, confirmation of  C.I.B came from FCI
2011.11.06   Kennel BREAKER had great success in Denmark this week-end. Sally, Breaker Choice ForVictory was BOS x 2 with CACIB and got a Danish Winner title. Della, Breaker Champus Delight was 2:nd resp 3:a Best Bitch with R-CACIB and CQ.
2011.08.28   Ljungskile, Sweden.  National show
Della, Breaker Champus Delight, won Champion class and was 2:nd Best Bitch with R-CAC ( R-CC)
2011.07.31   Vejen, Denmark.   International show
Ayio, Double Fantasy KIAORA, Exc
2011.07.30   Vejen, Denmark.  International Show
Ayio, Double Fantasy KIAORA, Exc. 
2011.07.28   Vejen, Denmark.  International Show
Ayio, Double Fantasy KIAORA, Exc4 Open Class. No CQ
2011.07.20   Today I recieved Della´s, Breaker Champus Delight, Croatian Champion Certificate !
2011.07.16   Tvååker, Sweden
Ayio, Double Fantasy KIAORA, Exc.
2011.07.15   Tvååker, Sweden
Ayio, Double Fantasy KIAORA, Exc.
2011.06.12   Bled, Slovenia. CACIB-show
Nova, Beardmarked´s Named Tequila   CAC  R-CACIB    SLOVENIAN CHAMPION !!!
This day it was Novas turn to enter the ring. This Grand Old Lady, who soon turns 9 years old, got an excellent critique from the Norwegian judge.Thank you so very much !!
2011.06.11   Bled, Slovenia. CACIB-show
What a girl, she walks into the ring as if she had never done anything else. The judge, Mrs.. B. Bregenzer from Austria, gave her a nice criticism and thought that she has a wonderful head, Thank you !

I and Andrea in the ring. Thank you Andrea for the photos.
Bled is a fantastic place up in the Alps, situated in the Northwest of Slovenia.We drove from Koper in the Southwest, Adriatic Sea, and crossed the country from south to north. On our way we stopped at a friends place and had a superb dinner. THANK YOU !!!!! The photos you see are from Bled. More photos from our trip will follow.
2011.06.05   Umag, Croatia.  CACIB-show
Della, Breaker Champus Delight,   R-CAC  R-CACIB
2011.06.04   Umag, Croatia.  CACIB-show
Della, Breaker Champus Delight,  CAC  CACIB   INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION !!!!!!!!!
WOW! With this CACIB, Della is qualified for the C.I.B.
judge who this day came from Italy. Mr. A. Di Lorenzo.
What a happy day! A really nice judge with a twinkle in his eye. What a difference it makes. That he then chosed Della to Best Bitch did not make the day worse! Awaiting with bated breath for pictures from a nice photographer!

Thank you Lucia for the photos
2011.05.28   Slavonski Brod, Croatia. National show
Della, Breaker Champus Delight,   CAC  BOB  BOG2  CROATIAN CHAMPION !!!!!
Many thanks to judge Mrs Sanja Momcilovic who appreciated my Della.
In the pouring rain with
a terrible thunderstorm Della took her last and fourth CC for the Croatian championship. We had a very nice weekend in Slavonia, eastern Croatia, the help, kindness and generosity that we got from the organizers, judges and other exhibitors, we will never forget. The exhibition took place at an Agricultural College and it was a two-day exhibition of all animals found on a farm.
2011.05.22   Varazdin, Croatia.  CACIB-show
Della, Breaker Champus Delight,  CAC  R-CACIB
2011.05.21   Varazdin, Croatia.  CACIB-show
Della, Breaker Champus Delight,  CAC  R-CACIB
2011.05.08   Lidköping Sweden.  National show.
Della, Breaker Champus Delight,   R-CAC  3:rd Best Bitch
2011.05.07   Hilleröd, Denmark. CACIB-show.
Sally, Breaker Choice For Victory, took her last Danish CAC and gained both her Danish and Swedish Championtitle.
2011.04.26   Today I recieved Nova´s, Beardmarked´s Named Tequila, C.I.B Diploma from FCI.
2011.04.03   Berlin, Germany. CACIB-show
Della, Breaker Champus Delight,  CAC.
2011.03.26   Hårlev  Denmark.
Sally, Breaker Choice For Victory, CAC and BOS. Congratulations from a proud breeder!
2011.03.19   Malmö International Show   
Ayio, Double Fantasy KIAORA, 2:nd Best Bitch with R-CAC and R-CACIB
Judges Comments: Excellent silhouette, Excellent body proportions, well-placed shoulder, well angulated front with excellent breast volume, Bones in harmony of body, Excellent head prop, Well pigmented. Typical single tracker.
2011.02.20   Buchholz  CfBrH show   Germany   
DKCH, HCH, DEJCH Della, Breaker Champus Delight, got CAC, VDH and Club, today at a show in Germany.
Judge comments: Quality bitch of excellent type and proportions, lovely head and expression, beautiful head, full body matching bone, balanced angulations, moves nicely, parallell and with good gait, excellent coat.
2011.01.18   Della, Breaker Champus Delight, recieved her Danish Champion title. She can now titulate herself as Hungarian Champion, Danish Champion and DEJCH.
2011.01.07   My Dog, Gothenburg. 
Nova, Beardmarked´s Named Tequila, Veteranclasses, got CQ and was placed Reserve Best Bitch
Novas daughter Sally, Breaker Choice For Victory, won Open classes and recieved CAC . Congratulations !! 
2011.01.06   My Dog, Gothenburg. 
Nova, Beardmarked´s Named Tequila, Veteranclasses recieved CQ.
In Scandinavia we have a different judging. Only the dogs that has recieved Exc will be placed in each classes. Some or all can then recive CQ (Champion Quality) and go further to be placed in Best Bitch or Best Dogs classes. So we have both Exc. and CQ. (cake on cake in my opinion)
As usual, we start with a recap of last year! 2010 was the year when it happened!
Nova, Beardmarked's Named Tequila was BOS and got her last CACIB for C.I.B in Croatia on my birthday. A better gift could I not
wish for! This year she also achieved the titles SWEDISH CHAMPION