Summary of results of this Year
As usual, we start with a recap of last year! 2010 was the year when it happened!
Nova, Beardmarked's Named Tequila was BOS and got her last CACIB for C.I.B in Croatia on my birthday. A better gift could I not
wish for! This year she also achieved the titles SWEDISH CHAMPION and was BIS Veteran ALL BREEDS on her first show in Veteran Classes! Fantastic!!!!

, Breaker Champus Delight became Hungarian Champion, received
9 CAC (CC), (Denmark, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Croatia and Slovenia) 2 CACIB and 2 R-CACIB. Thus she has three CACIB from two countries.

, Double Fantasy KIAORA received during the year 2 CC and 2 CACIB,
Both Della and Ayio did very well in
a strong startfield in the Czech Republic where Della took the CC at an International Exhibition and Ayio got a nice 3rd place with Exc. in Open class on a bearded speciality. Judging at the bearded specialty was breedspecialist Kerstin Selle, kennel Philemon.
I am soo happy and proud over the results we have gained during the year !!!
We also Congratulate Breaker Dazzling Black Beauty for qualifying for SBC´s Bronzeplakett, She and Breaker Choice For Victory has also done well in the showrings during the year.
2010.11.07 Herning, Denmark   Danish Winner Show     Judge: Inger Brodal Ronander
Della, Breaker Champus Delight, Exc.3  4:th Best Bitch
2010.10.24 Stuttgart, Germany  CACIB Show    Judge: Mr. K. Büttner
Della, Breaker Champus Delight,  V1 CAC   R-CACIB
Judge comments: Balanced bitch with lovely head, good expressive eyes, correct top- and underline, excellent angels, excellent movement and drive.
2010.10.23 Stuttgart, Germany  National Show    Judge: Mr. H. Wiblishausen
Della, Breaker Champus Delight,  V1  CAC
2010.10.17 Komarom, Hungary.  CACIB Show  Judge: Mrs. M. Brenner
Della, Breaker Champus Delight, Exc.1 CAC
2010.10.16 Komarom, Hungary  CACIB Show.  Judge: Mr. P. Harsanyi
Della, Breaker Champus Delight, Exc. 1 CAC  HUNGARIAN CHAMPION

A Lot of THANK´S to the judges who have appreciated my dearest Della.
2010.10.10 C.Budojevice, Czecz Republic. Bearded Collie Specialty Show    Judge: Mrs Kerstin Selle
Ayio, Double Fantasy KIAORA, Exc.3 in a strong start field. My lovely Ayio just behave so well in the ring, she loves it.
Judgereport (losely translated):   4 Year old bitch of feminin type, correct proportions, good head with flat top., the eyes could have been a little darker, correct bite, excellent front and chest. Moving harmoniously with ease.  Friendly nature.
The showground was at a very nice campingground and the prize-table was fantastic. Where, if not in Tjeckien, can you get a bottle with dog-beer !!!??? All dog placed 1-4 also got a small pokal.
2010.10.09 Ceske Budojevice. Czecz Republic. CACIB Show    Judge: Mrs. B.Kremser
Della, Breaker Champus Delight, got CAC in a strong competition
2010.10.02 Celje, Slovenien.  European Dog Show    Judge: Mr. Borges
Nova, Beardmarked´s Named Tequila  Exc.3 Veteranclass     
2010.10.01 Celje, Slovenien. Euro Special Show   Judge: Mrs. Brenda Banbury
Nova, Beardmarked´s Named Tequila  Exc.3 Veteranclass     
2010.09.18 Ballerup, Danmark  Judge:  Anthony Kelly Irland
Della, Breaker Champus Delight, Exc.3  4:th Best Bitch
2010.08.29 Visby, Sweden  CACIB-Show 
Judge: Mr.John Walsh IE
Nova, Beardmarked´s Named Tequila

Exc.1 Veteranclass,  3:rd Best Bitch  BOS Veteran

A big Thank You to the judges who made this week-end unforgettable !!! It was a real pleasure to show for such nice judges that also had a word over for the exhibitors.

It was rain and a lot of wind those 2 days so it was not so easy to get nice photos. Thank´s to the persons that has succeeded and sent me nice photo. Thank you Elisabet for the photos you sent me and that I have used for this site !!
2010.08.28 Visby, Sweden.  National show  Judge: Des Manton IE.
Nova, Beardmarked´s Named Tequila
Exc.1 Veteranclass
2:nd Best Bitch
  CAC  Champion  BOB Veteran 
BIS Veteran  ALL BREEDS!!!! 
Judge: Mrs. Joyce Crawford-Manton, Irland.

Judgecomments :  Lovely 8 year old favn. Pleasing head and expression. Good neck and quarters. Presented in excellent body and coat. Moves very well.


2010.08.15 Vejen,  Denmark.  CACIB-show. 
Judge: Mr. P.Texiera  P
Della, Breaker Champus Delight,
Exc.1  CAC  R-CACIB  2:nd Best Bitc
2010.07.05 Congratulations to Wilma, Breaker Dazzling Black Beauty, for the approved BloodTracking Test. She is now also qualified for SBC's Bronze Plaque
2010.06.20 Varazdin, Croatia.  CACIB-show.
 Judge: Mr. V.Kardos  Hu
Della, Breaker Champus Delight.  Exc.1  CAC
Nova. Int.Ch
Varazdin, Croatia.  CACIB-show   .Judge: Mrs.Dubravka Reicher HR
Nova, Beardmarked´s Named Tequila,
Exc.1 in Championclass CAC,CACIB and BOS. She gave me the best birthdaypresent I could have wished for. Now Nova has 4 CACIB from 4 different countries with 4 different judges !!!! Nova has now fulfild the criterias for INT.CH
A big Thank You to the judge who had so many nice words to say about Nova !! This little lady will celebrate her birthday in August and will then be a Veteran ! I can not belive how fast time is passing by.
2010.06.13 Pecs, Hungary.  CACIB-show.   Judge: Mr.  P. Texiera P
Nova, Beardmarked´s Named Tequila, Championclass.
2010.06.12 Pecs, Hungary.  CACIB-show  Judge: Mrs. B. Müller  A
Della, Breaker Champus Delight, Exc1, CAC, CACIB
2010.05.30 Portoroz, Slovenia.  CACIB-show 
Judge. Mr. V.Vojtek
Della, Breaker Champus Delight,  Exc.1, CAC, CACIB
2010.05.29 Portoroz. Slovenia.  CACIB-show  Judge: Mr. D. Kuzelj  BG
Ayio, Double Fantasy Kiaora,  Exc.2  R-CAC
Komarom, Hungary. 2 x CACIB-show 

 Ayio, Double Fantasy Kiaora 

2 x Exc1, CAC,

Judge: Mr. T. Gellén  Hu
Judge: Mr. C-P. Fricke  De
    Photo:  István Grasl
2010.05.09 Larv,  Sweden.  CAC-show.
 Ayio, Double Fantasy Kiaora, Exc. 
 It was 14 entries in the class.
    Photo: I.Fransson
2010.05.01 Hilleröd, Denmark
Ayio, Double Fantasy Kiaora Exc 3 in Open Class
2010.01.09 My Dog, Göteborg
Ayio, Double Fantasy Kiaora
, 4:th place with Exc. in Open Class.  It was 12 entries in that class. She just loved it all, all the people and dogs she was able to great. She was overjoyed when she spotted a beardies. Thank you Margareta for showing her so well.
We begin the new year with a recap of what happened in 2009.
The year didn´t start out so good as I was diagnosed with breastcancer. After surgery May 4 when they removed my left breast I go for treatment. Additional radiation was not an option since I had a heartattack 1½years before and had a stent implanted. Bright spots however are many, especially the dogs that give us many fun and happy moments. They has taken us on some shows and done that we have seen some new places we have not previosly visited, despite numerous trips to different places around the world.
This has resulted in 2 CC and 1 R-CACIB that will be converted to CACIB for Della, Breaker Champus Delight. I am very pleased becuse to showseason was very short for us.  A big Thank You to the judges who have appreciated her.
Sally, Breaker Choice For Victory, Dellas littersister, is also one of the bright spots. She has recieved the title of LP1, taken 2 CC, 1 in Denmark and 1 in Sweden, becoming 4th Best Obedience Bearded collie 2009 and is eligible for SBC´s Bronzeplaque. Thanks to Ingers great engagement and work, kennel Breaker was no. 3 Obedience Breeder of the Year.
That in the first litter under the prefix Breaker get that successful dogs is something I am very proud of.