A recap of what happened in 2009.
The year didn´t start out so good as I was diagnosed with breastcancer. After surgery May 4 when they removed my left breast I go for treatment. Additional radiation was not an option since I had a heartattack 1½years before and had a stent implanted. Bright spots however are many, especially the dogs that give us many fun and happy moments. They has taken us on some shows and done that we have seen some new places we have not previosly visited, despite numerous trips to different places around the world.
This has resulted in 2 CC and 1 R-CACIB that will be converted to CACIB for Della, Breaker Champus Delight. I am very pleased becuse to showseason was very short for us. A big Thank You to the judges who have appreciated her.
Sally, Breaker Choice For Victory, Dellas littersister, is also one of the bright spots. She has recieved the title of LP1, taken 2 CC, 1 in Denmark and 1 in Sweden, becoming 4th Best Obedience Bearded collie 2009 and is eligible for SBC´s Bronzeplaque. Thanks to Ingers great engagement and work, kennel Breaker was no. 3 Obedience Breeder of the Year.
That in the first litter under the prefix Breaker get that successful dogs is something I am very proud of.
2009.10.14 We just came home from a holidaytrip to Hungary and Bratislava, Slovakia, where we attended some shows. Della, Breaker Champus Delight, got 2 CC and one R-Cacib that converts to a Cacib in Komarom, Hungary. We also attended WDS in Bratislava where she recieved Exc. At the Circuitshow she was placed 4 in Open classes with a VG.
2009.09.15 Sally, Breaker Choice For Victory, got CC at a CACIB-show in Bröndby, Denmark, and was 3:rd Best Bitch. Congratulations !
2009.08.29 Today I took my camera with me when taking the daily walk with two of the dogs, whilst my husband took the other two.
Some of the photos you can see at Photopage f.e. Della and Nova in action.
2009.08.21 Sally, Breaker Choice For Victory, gained her title LP1 in Obedience today. Good work.
Also Wilma, Breaker Dazzling Black Beauty, moved up one class gaining her 3:rd ticket in Rally-Obedience yesterday.
2009.08.15 Della, Breaker Champus Delight,  Exc.2  Open classes and then she ended up as 4:th Best Bitch at a Cacib-show in Hilleröd, Denmark.
2009.08.01 Sally, Breaker Choice For Victory, got her second ticket for her title Lp1 in Obedience in Oskarström at their annual Oskarcompetition. Now she only need one more. In her comments the judge wrote ; Nice dog and beautiful ekipage ! As the breeder I am very happy and proud  and keeps my fingers crossed for further successes.
2009.07.13 Wilma, Breaker Dazzling Black Beauty, in her second start in Rally Obedience she became nr 3 with 99 points of 100  possible ! Good work Inger !!
2009.07.12 Ronja has moved to her new home at the Swedish Southcoast. We know that her new lovely family will have much joy of her. We have been to visit her and she has already settled down  and also having good company of the other dog in the family.
2009.07.08 Sally, Breaker Choice For Victory, won Obedience class with 165 points.
Wilma, Breaker Dazzling Black Beauty, got one ticket in Rally Obedience
2009.07.05 Rönne National Show, Denmark
Della, Breaker Champus Delight, Exc.2 and 2:nd Best Bitch
2009.07.05 Visby CACIB-show
Sally, Breaker Choice For Victory, Exc 2 Open Class and 4:th Best Bitch
2009.07.04 Visby National Show, Sweden
Sally, Breaker Choice For Victory, Exc.1 CAC and 2:nd Best Bitch
Wilma, Breaker Dazzling Black Beauty, Very Good  with HP
2009.06.27 Borås National Show
Breaker Choice For Victory, 
2:nd Best Bitch in Open Class with Exc. and then ended up as Res. Best Bitch in strong  competition. We are so proud of you.
2009.06.14 CACIB-Show Vejen, Denmark
Nova, Beardmarked´s Named Tequila, Exc.2 Championclass
Della, Breaker Champus Delight, Exc.4 Open
Sally, Breaker Choice For Victory, VG Open
Wilma, Breaker Dazzling Black Beauty, Good
2009.06.13 CACIB-show in Vejen,  Denmark.
Nova, Beardmarkeds Named Tequila,  Exc.2 Championclass
Della, Breaker Champus Delight, Exc. Open
Sally, Breaker Choice For Victory, Exc. Open
Wilma, Breaker Dazzling Black Beauty, VG Intermediate
2009.05.16 Danish Bearded Collie Club´s show in Helsinge, Danmark.  Judge Felix Cosme gave Wilma, Breaker Dazzling Black Beauty, Exc1 Juniorclass and Sally, Breaker Choice For Victory, also got Exc. in Open Class.  Great !
2009.04.26 Sally, Breaker Chioce For Victory, did the Mental Test  today with good results. She is now qualified for SBC´s Bronzemedal. Nice Birthdaygift. What a girl !
2009.03.22 Wilma, Breaker Dazzling Black Beauty, passed her Herding Instinct Test today. Once again Congratulations Inger.
2009.03.21 Malmö International Show. Sally, Breaker Choice For Victory, got EXC 2 in her class. Gongratulations Inger !
2009.02.15 Today we went to an International Show in Denmark with Nova.  She got Excellent 2 in Championclass and overall 3:rd Best Bitch with superb critics from the Judge. I am very proud of my beautiful girl.


2009.02.03 Simpson, Breaker Dedicated To You, Hips A/A  Elbows Free
Ronja, Breaker Dashing Dainty, Hips A/A  Elbows Free


2009.01.21 Wilma, Breaker Dazzling Black Beauty,  X-ray Hips A/A  Elbows Free.


We start this years notes with a summary of year 2008 that was very successful for our breeding.
First, 2 of our puppies moved to their new homes. We wish their families a lot of joy with their new familymembers.

Della, Breaker Champus Delight, had big successes in showrings both in Sweden and Europe. She began the year with a BOB and CC,  followed up by being Juniorwinner and qualified to Crufts 2009. On SBC´s exhibition in Lida, World Championship Show for Bearded Collies, she became Junior Winner in Show when she in the final  won over the male Alistair´s It´s Take Two To Tango! Judges were two English racespecialists and breeders!! What a feeling since it was a strong initial field in the class! Then she has been Juniorwinner at several occasions. To gain Juniorwinningtitle is big in Europe, where one in most countries has Juniorchampionat. It is something I think one should introduce in Sweden.  
Della, later in the autumn, gained her German Junior Championat, as far as I know the first beardie living in Sweden who has that title.

Sally, Breaker Choice For Victory, owner Inger Leppäjoki, has got her HIC and also come divided 1: a in Obedience for Bearded collie's 2008. In showrings has she received Excellent. She is one correct All-round beardies.
Now we are looking towards what this year will bring and hopes it will be some news to write about.