2008.12.28 Today Novas and Davids puppies celebrating their 1:st birthday.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILIES.

2008.11.15 Once again Sally, Breaker Choice For Victory, has proven herself to be a real allround-beardie by winning a shared first place in Obedience  2008 for Bearded Collies. What a début for both Inger and Sally !!! A Big Congratulation !
They share the Winningtitle with Alvskogens Shine A Light "Pinot".

2008.11.02 Sally, Breaker Choice For Victory, passed her Herding Instinct Test today. WELL DONE !

2008.10.26 At Hallands Kennelclubs Yearly Show Vilma, Breaker Dazzling Black Beauty, won the class with HP and went BIG3 ! Once again Congratulations Vilma and Inger !

2008.09.12 International Show in Rostock. Della, Breaker Champus Delight, Exc.2. Winning the class was  another  one of Champus dauthers .
Photo  U.Thölken

2008.09.11 In Herfölge, Denmark, was a Beardie Special held today.
, Breaker Choice For Victory
, got Exc.1 in Intermediate class. Congratulations Inger and Sally !
Della, Breaker Champus Delight, got Exc.2 in Junior class.

2008.10.06 Today I recieved  Dellas,  Breaker Champus Delight,  Certificate for German Jugend Champion.  (See Photos)

2008.09.28 CAC show for Brittish herdingdogs in Brandenburg. Della, Breaker Champus Delight, got her 3:rd German  J-CAC and got the title  Dt. JuniorChampion Club.   I am very happy and grateful for her to recieve this J-CAC, becuse she was a liitle bit happy and playful in the ringat first but calmed down soon. 

Photo  H.Werner

2008.09.20 Ballerup International, Denmark. Della, Breaker Champus Delight,  Exc.2  Intermediate class. Nova, Beardmarked´s Named Tequila  Exc 3  Championclass

2008.09.07 -
During this week we attended 3 shows, one in Luxemburg where Della, Breaker Champus Delight, got 3.rd place with Excellent and one in Leipzig Nat.  where she won, first Junior bitch and then Best Junior with J-CAC. By this she got her 2.nd german J-CAC.

Beardmarked´s Named Tequila,
entered in Championclass in Leipzig Int. and was placed 4 with Excellent.

2008.08.21 Congratulations Nova on your 6:th birthday

2008.08.17 Nova, Beardmarked´s Named Tequila, got R-CACIB and Della, Breaker Champus Delight, recieved Exc. 1  at a CACIB-show in Vejen Denmark.   This day was 31 bearded collies shown and judged. The showground and organization was excellent and so the weather. The only annoying thing, in all together a perfect day,  was all the wasps and both people and dogs were stung.

2008.08.09 In the beautiful park at Ronneby Brunn was the yearly National Show held. Della, Breaker Champus Delight got Exc 3.  She entered the ring for the first time in Youthclass

2008.07.27 Simpson and Ronja  made their début in the showring at an unofficial show.  Simpson won before Ronja, who didn´t like to be shown.  She thought the judge was scary,  so she needs more time.

2008.07.12 Della, Breaker Champus Delight,   Exc.2  Juniorbitch  for brittish judge Jean Lanning.

2008.07.11 Della,  Breaker Champus Delight,  once again Junior winning bitch at a National show in Tvååker
Nova,  Beardmarked´s Named Tequila, 
made her début after having 2 litters and got Exc. 2  in Open Class and ended up as 4:th Best bitch.  Bravo Nova !

Photo:  Della and her sister Sally watching mum in the ring

Photo  I.Fransson

2008.07.05 Della,  Breaker Champus DelightClass winner and BEST JUNIOR IN SHOW at World Championship Show for Bearded Collies, Lida, Stockholm.  A big Thanks to the judges who recognized her qualitys !  Mrs. Brenda White who gave her the class winning and Mrs. Lesley Tomlinson who placed her as Winning Junior of the Show.
This day started out in the worst way and ended in the absolutely best way. What to say ! After yesterdays chock,  this was  the best chock I ever had !
Judge comments : Slate bitch,  wellbalanced,  dark eye and good pigment,  good length of back. Correct topline,  sound mover,  good quality coat.

2008.07.04 World dog Show, Stockholm.   Today we went for WDS with Della. It´s fantastic that this big event took place in Sweden.  We had a good journey and the sun was shining.  There were beardies from many countries and we met some good friends visiting Sweden during those days.
In the ring we got a red ribbon and I went out reading the judgecomments. Lovely head and expression. Splendid neck and topline,  wellpigmentated,  good bodylenght,  wellbalanced. Sadly not combed trough between her frontlegs !!!???   I got quite a chock.  For the first I couldn´t feel it so I had to ask another breeder to find it and she did. It was a little tiny undercoat knot hiding deep in her armpit and for the second : What had that to do with her construction, movements and pigmentation ??  Just to accept and remember.

2008.06.28 Della, Breaker Champus Delight, Juniorwinner bitches and went 3:rd Best bitch at a show in Borås with a marvellous critics. Very nice, elegant, beautiful young female. Excellent head, beautiful topline. Very nice standing and moving, paralell easy. Excellent showcondition. Good bone, friendly temperament, beautiful coat. A little light eye (!!!???). Good tailset and carriage.

2008.06.07 Della, Breaker Champus Delight,  got Exc. 3 junior  in Vänersborg.

Looking at the photo one can nearly see Della smiling, regardless the heat.   Thank you  Gun for the  photo, every time I look at it I smile myself.

Photo  G.Jansson

2008.06.03 Sally, Breaker Choice For Victory, has been been in the sheephold for the first time.
It seems that she got it right. Now we are waiting for her real herdingtest.

Photo  P.Engstrand

2008.06.01 Della, Breaker Champus Delight, got Exc 2 with R-JCAC in Neumünster
Photo  S.Werner

2008.05.18 Sally, Breaker Choice For Victory, has been to a National Show in Sweden and placed 2:nd best Juniorbitch with HP

2008.05.12 Della,  Breaker Champus Delight,  Juniorwinner bitches and recieved J-CAC  at a Breed  Show for Brittishe Herdingdogs

2008.05.11 Della, Breaker Champus Delight,  Exc.4 Juniorclass  at an International show in Saarbrücken.

Breaker Choice For Victory,
has got the results from X-ray  HD  A/A  Elbows  Free

2008.05.03 Della, Breaker Champus Delight,  Junior winner and qualified for Crufts 2009 at a CACIB-show in Hilleröd, Denmark. 

Photo  A.Dahl

2008.05.01 DellaBreaker Champus Delight,  got her x-ray result today -  Hips B

Sally , Breaker Choice For Victory, has attended an unofficial show today and went BOB, BIG 1
Wilma, Breaker Dazzling Black Beauty, 
made her showdébut at the same show and became BOB,  BIG 1 - PuppyclassesBig Congratulations Inger to your beautiful girls.


Nessie, Breaker Check Me Out, with family has visited us today.  Nessie has become a real beauty.  See Photos.

2008.03.21 Della,  Breaker Champus Delight,  took CAC and became BOB at a show in Naestved, Denmark. She did that on her 11-month day.  Read the judge comment on her own page.

Photo  I.Dahl

2008.03.15 Malmö CACIB-Show
Sally,  Breaker Choice For Victory,   Exc 1 with CQ  Junior Classes for bitches.

2008.03.14 SBC arranged their first Club show, CAC,  for this year and Della took a 3:rd place with HP in Junior classes.

2008.03.14 Today we had to put our lovely dog to sleep becuse of an injury that happen 2 weeks ago. He was always full of Dickens and a real personality. We will miss him a lot.

2008.02.17 Today we have been at a CACIB-show in Odense. It was Dellas début at a big show. A lot of people and dogs and the floor was not the best. All this made her a little bit anxious.
Ayio loved the crowd and all dogs she could greet. Both got very nice critics.  Both also got Good movers.

2008.02.05 Big Congratulations to Lotta who became LuxemburgChampion last week-end. Also to Fellow who toke his Luxemburg J-Ch-title.

2008.01.27 New Indexpicture.  Della at the age of 10 month.  More photos within short.

2008.01.24 Today we have taken new photos of the puppies. They developes very well. They have very good front, excellent ribcage, deep chest and the shoulders are very good.  They also have very good head, expression and great pigmentation. What more to wish for !
 We are very happy over the outcome of this combination. All of them seems to be of show-and breedingquality.  Now we can only wait and see if they continue to grow up well, which we think they are.

2008.01.06 Sally , Breaker´s Choice For Victory, once again went BOS Puppy at My Dog Show in Gothenburg

2008.01.03 Today Breakers Choice For Victory, Sally,  got BOS Puppy and HP at My Dog Show in Gothenburg.  Congratulations Inger and Sally !

Judge comments :  Excellent breed type.  Very good head,  proportions,  body,  bone and feet.  Moved very well.

ANNO 2007


Today Nova gave birth to 4 puppies, 2 boys and 2 girls,  see Puppies.

2007.11.28 Ultrasound confirmed that Nova is expecting puppies to New Year.

2007.11.11 Today we have been to a puppyshow in Malmö.  Breaker´s Champus Delight, Della, become 3:rd best puppybitch with once again nice words from the judge.

2007.11.08 New page with photos from puppybuyers . Look at puppypage.

2007.10.28 Nova is mated with CH. Spirit of Caledonia David.

We have updated the puppy page and put a link to Novas and Davids own puppy page. There you can read about David and some of his children

2007.10.21 Della, Breaker´s Champus Delight,  went BOB at a puppy and veteran show in Halmstad on her 6 month birthday. Read the comments from the judge at her page.

2007.09.29 Today there was a speciality show in Bräkne-Hoby. Della and Sally went 4 and 5. 

2007.09.22 Photos from show at Tjolöholm.  Click here

2007.09.02 Today was another successful day in showrings when Ljungby had their clubshow.

Sally -  BREAKER´s Choice For Victory  2:nd place with HP
Della - BREAKER´s Champus Delight   1:st place  with HP and BOS

You can read Dellas critics at her page, Sallys you can read here soon and Nessies on her blogg
Thank you Inger and Anna for bringing Della with you theese 2 days !

Photo.  A.Läppajoki

2007.09.01 Today Kennel BREAKER has put a mark in showrings. Of 96 puppies Sally - Breaker´s Choice For Victory went BIS 3 at a non-official show. It was her debut in showrings and she got a fantastic fine criticism from a Auth. Judge. Congratulations Inger !
Thank you Anna for handling Della so good and Congratulations also to Nessie that went second in puppy class.
Picture of Sally, see Della´s page

2007.07.28 Our family has expanded with one more little black bitch. From the beginning I was thinking of to let one blue and the black bitch stay with us, but at the end it is Della who stays. Sally, as Chosie is named now, will attend shows so we will be seeing her in the rings. You can follow her progress here.Nessie can be followed at her own blogg, see Puppies.
Today Della has got her own page. More photos of all our dogs  will be updated soon and you can see them on their own pages.

Dellas page

2007.07.08 We have been on a rainy, short vacation and we took the oppurtunity to attend a show. I came into a dispute with the judge, or rather he came into a dispute with me. An arrogant and insolent character that ought to learn ethics. I got it back when I showed Nova, when he tryed to put me down. I was so humiliated, people around me asked for apologize on his behalf.

Int. Show W
Double Fantasy KIAORA.  Excellent 2:nd place Junior classes 
Nova- Beardmarked´s Named Tequila. 3:rd place Championclasses

2007.07.05 The results of Ayio´s  X-ray, Hips A/A  Elbows Free

 2007.04.24 New pictures of Nova and the puppies on Nova´s page.

 2007.04.21 Nova´s  puppies born early this morning, 3 girls one black and two blue. Photo on puppy-page

 2007.04.11 Congratulations !!
Firstprizebear´s Comanche took his 7:th Championship during Eastern. Now he can also titulate himself Hungarian Champion. See Ayio´s page.
Champus has won additional 2 CACIB and BOB so far this year.

 2007.04.05 Nova  Ultrasounded and puppies are confirmed. Now we are looking forward with excitement for the puppies to be born.

 2007.02.25 Puppyshow Qpoolen, Hässleholm Sweden
Ayio - Double Fantasy Kiaora

 2007.01.06 My Dog Show Gothenborg, Sweden
Ayio -
Double Fantasy Kiaora
This was the first national show for Ayio.
The most exciting for me was to see how she reacted and her behaviour at such a big event. This little girl really makes me proud. She was completely unaffected of all the noi
se, the crowd and all dogs and cruised between people as she never done anything else.
In showring she was the youngest and smallest in her classes and ended up on 4:th place.

ANNO 2006



WORLD DOG SHOW, Poznan, Poland

I travelled together with a friend to the World Dog Show in Poznan. After a long journey we checked into our hotel. After settling in, we went to another hotel to meet some english breeders and friends.  When we entered the hotellobby we were greeted by a lots of dogs of different breeds. What a vision !  

The day after, we went to the showground. More than 20.000 dogs, 354 different breeds, from 54 different countries, were entered the shows during four days.  Impressive ! On Thursday  5.001 dogs were entering the rings, amongs them 110 beardisar, 53 dogs and 57 tbitches. A total 115 breeds were judged.  To our joy the beardies were well ahead. 2:a best puppy was a cute little bitch from No-Nonsense´s Kennel and Juniorwinner on Thursday was Now and Then Hole In One, that has had a great success in show- rings this year.
In the evening there was a dinnerparty at a nice hacienda, arranged by Malgorzata Figas, for beardiebreeders from Europe
Several brought their dogs with them to the hacienda, so that gave us the oppurtunity to meet them in reality. 
All together it was a very pleasant trip.

Saudade de Shaleemar


 2006.10.22 District Show, Halmstad, Sweden
Ayio - Double Fantasy Kiaora 
BOB-puppy (4-6 months)

So, Ayio has been to her very first show and she simply loved it. Packed with dogs and people to greet. When the speakers came on with a loud schreek she just rose her head a bit and that was all. She got a very nice critique from the judge.  

Ayio´s Page

 2006.10.07 InternationalShow, Rostock, Germany 
- Beardmarked´s Named Tequila
1st in Champion class with DtClub-CAC and VDH-CAC.

Judge: Petra Tietze, Germany

Nova´s Page



 2006.09.05 Our new familymember has arrived. 

A little black girl,Ayio, born at Kennel KIAORA, Czech Republik.
Ayio has blended into our family perfectly in no time and we hope she has
a great future ahead of her.



 2006.07.01 National Show, Borås, Sweden 
- Beardmarked´s Named Tequila 

3rd in Open class with "Excellent".
Judge: Kristina Purens, Sweden

 2006.06.17 International Show, Stettin, Polen 
-Beardmarked´s Named Tequila

CAC, CACIB, BOB and amongst 8 in th
e1st selection in Group1.
Judge: Piotr Sliwka, Poland.

What a happy journey it turned out to be. The day after we got a message that our new puppy was born. 

 2006.03.05 Show for British Pastoral group, Ludwigslust, Germany 
Beardmarked´s Named Tequila  
Judge : Hedvig Mense




  ÅR 2005



Halland KK (district show) Halmstad, Sweden
Beardmarked´s Named Tequila
BOB, BIG-1 and BIS-4.


International Show, Rostock, Germany 
-Beardmarked´s Named Tequila
V 2 in Champion Class and 2nd Best Bitch with Reserve-CACIB (that will turn into a CACIB) and Reserve-CAC and Reserve-VDH-CAC.
Judge: Erika Heintz, Germany.


Fredrikstad International, Norway
Nova - Beardmarked´s Named Tequila
5th i Open Class with "Excellent".
Judge: Carl-Gunnar Stafberg, Sweden

                  ÅR 2004



National Show,  Herlufmagle, Danmark
- Beardmarked´s Named Tequila

1st place in Open Class with "Excellent" and 2nd Best Bitch winning the CC
Judge: Leif Ragnar Hjort, Norway
Danish Show Champion!!!



National Show,  Herlufmagle, Denmark 
-Beardmarked´s Named Tequila
2nd place in Open Class with "Excellent" and 3rd Best Bitch.
Judge: Ruth Wagner, Austri


Ballerup International "Copenhagen Winner Show", Denmark 
Nova - Beardmarked´s Named Tequila
2nd place in Open Class with "Excellent" and 4th Best Bitch. 

Judge: Michael Leonard, Ireland


International Show, Stockholm, Sweden 
- Beardmarked´s Named Tequila 
2nd place in Youth Class with "Excellent". 
Judge: Bo Skalin, Sweden.


National Show, Karlslunde, Denmark
-Beardmarked´s Named Tequila

1st place in Intermediate Class with "Excellent" and 3rd Best Bitch winning the CC .
Judge: Gunnel Holm, Finland


International Show,  Malmö, Sweden
Nova -
Beardmarked´s Named Tequila  
5th place in Youth Class with "Excellent".
Judge: Hans Bierwolf, Germany.


International Show Göteborg, Sweden
- Beardmarked´s Named Tequila

1st place in Youth Class with "Excellent".
Judge: Arne Foss, Norway.

                      ÅR  2003



Nationell Utställning  Herlufmagle, Denmark 
- Beardmarked´s Named Tequila

2nd place in Youth Class with "Excellent" and 4th Best Bitch.
Judge: Alice Christensen, Denmark.


International Show, Herning, Denmark 
Nova -Beardmarked´s Named Tequila
1st place in Youth Class with "Excellent" and 3rd Best Bitch winning the CC.
Judge: Pinto Teixeira, Portugal.