ANNO 2006



WORLD DOG SHOW, Poznan, Poland

I travelled together with a friend to the World Dog Show in Poznan. After a long journey we checked into our hotel. After settling in, we went to another hotel to meet some english breeders and friends.  When we entered the hotellobby we were greeted by a lots of dogs of different breeds. What a vision !  

The day after, we went to the showground. More than 20.000 dogs, 354 different breeds, from 54 different countries, were entered the shows during four days.  Impressive ! On Thursday  5.001 dogs were entering the rings, amongs them 110 beardisar, 53 dogs and 57 tbitches. A total 115 breeds were judged.  To our joy the beardies were well ahead. 2:a best puppy was a cute little bitch from No-Nonsense´s Kennel and Juniorwinner on Thursday was Now and Then Hole In One, that has had a great success in show- rings this year.
In the evening there was a dinnerparty at a nice hacienda, arranged by Malgorzata Figas, for beardiebreeders from Europe
Several brought their dogs with them to the hacienda, so that gave us the oppurtunity to meet them in reality. 
All together it was a very pleasant trip.

Saudade de Shaleemar


 2006.10.22 District Show, Halmstad, Sweden
Ayio - Double Fantasy Kiaora 
BOB-puppy (4-6 months)

So, Ayio has been to her very first show and she simply loved it. Packed with dogs and people to greet. When the speakers came on with a loud schreek she just rose her head a bit and that was all. She got a very nice critique from the judge.  


 2006.10.07 InternationalShow, Rostock, Germany 
- Beardmarked´s Named Tequila
1st in Champion class with DtClub-CAC and VDH-CAC.

Judge: Petra Tietze, Germany



 2006.09.05 Our new familymember has arrived. 

A little black girl,Ayio, born at Kennel KIAORA, Czech Republik.
Ayio has blended into our family perfectly in no time and we hope she has
a great future ahead of her.



 2006.07.01 National Show, Borås, Sweden 
- Beardmarked´s Named Tequila 

3rd in Open class with "Excellent".
Judge: Kristina Purens, Sweden

 2006.06.17 International Show, Stettin, Polen 
-Beardmarked´s Named Tequila

CAC, CACIB, BOB and amongst 8 in th
e1st selection in Group1.
Judge: Piotr Sliwka, Poland.

What a happy journey it turned out to be. The day after we got a message that our new puppy was born. 

 2006.03.05 Show for British Pastoral group, Ludwigslust, Germany 
Beardmarked´s Named Tequila  
Judge : Hedvig Mense